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Simulate a Earthquake
Step 1
Type the name of the city and the state of the hypothetical earthquake, and then click "Center". For example: "Rio de Janeiro, RJ".
If you prefer, click on the map for desired location.

Step 2
Adjust the magnitude of earthquake then click in "Simulate."Magnitude:

Forecast Effects in
Mercalli Scale

Until 56 km: Strong
Small cracks are opened in the the walls and ceiling.
Until 120 km: Moderate
Sense inside the dwellings. Note the door vibration.
Until 172 km: Weak
Felt by a few people, especially on high floors.
The map and table above show the possible effects of a hypothetical earthquake of 5 magnitudes that may occur or have occurred in São Paulo, Brasil, between 10 and 30 km deep.

Note: This simulation does not take into account the topography or water masses in the region and is most accurate for events between 3.5 and 6.0 magnitudes.

From the modeling we see that weak effects of Degree III on the Mercalli Scale are perceptible up to 172 km away from the epicenter, and the stronger effects of V Degree are contained within a radius of 56 km. - Todos os direitos reservados - 2000 - 2024
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